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CityVest provides you the opportunity to own a professionally managed portfolio of first-class, institutional real estate assets via the blockchain.

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    Our website will describe the real estate investments we make.

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    Each token represents a fractional interest in CityVest, which will own a diversified group of real estate assets.

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    In addition you may Co-Invest in real estate deals through the platform without management fees.

Who We Are and What We Do

CityVest’s mission is to provide a smart, easy and secure method to participate in real estate appreciation through our cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain.







Benefits Of Investing With Cityvest

We've created a new way for investors to participate in institutional real estate investments.


    You benefit through professional investment structures, which target returns on each investment in a range from 10% to 25% - often with a preferred return.


    CityVest will handle all of the accounting and administration, while you can monitor our performance.


    CityVest pre-screens investments through our underwriting and due diligence process. We seek out top tier institutional investment funds and sponsors and we seek a preferred rate of return.


    We will invest in a diversified group of real estate investments including multifamily and student housing, office, industrial, healthcare/medical, retail and other real estate related investments.

Token Offering Information

  • Token Sale

    The token sale will have a hard cap of $50 million and a minimum of $3 million.

  • Payment

    The public sale tokens can be paid for in BTC, ETH, and other currencies.

  • SEC Compliance

    The tokens are fully SEC compliant securities and will be sold to accredited investors only.

  • Investments

    We will invest in a diversified group of real estate assets and each token will own an interest in the company which owns the assets.

Experienced Team


We are a team of experts in real estate investing, finance, accounting and more.

Common Questions

What am I investing in?

CityVest gives you an exclusive opportunity to participate in a regulatory compliant security token that is backed by real estate assets and related investments. You could say we are a tokenized real estate investment company. Each token represents an interest or a percentage in a Cayman Islands corporation that will invest in real estate.

How is CityVest differentiated from other real estate coins?

There are four main reasons why we believe that we are different and BETTTER than other real estate tokens or coins: (1) Institutional Real Estate Funds, (2) Platform, (3) Accountability and Transparency and (4) Management Experience. The details are provided below.

Describe why your institutional real estate fund investments are better.

CityVest focuses primarily on top tier institutional real estate private equity funds. Why are institutional real estate funds better? Because it's well-known that the best investment returns are generated by institutional investment fund managers and their private equity funds. The reason is simple: larger funds have long standing relationships, significant capital resources and banking relationships that enable them to identify and execute transactions with speed and on the most attractive terms. In addition, real estate private equity funds have audited track records that can be verified through audit reports and fund administrators. Frankly, it would be foolish to believe that a real estate ICO can adequately search for a small real estate deal and will stumble upon a diamond in the rough deal. Fix and flip deals are “retail” and residential by nature and just do not have the same level of returns as institutional commercial real estate investments. By comparison, many of the real estate funds that CityVest targets have investment management teams with 50 to 100 years of experience in a specific real estate niche and have substantial networks of deal finders showing them hundreds of deals. Institutional funds also require minimum investments of $1 million or more. CityVest targets funds that have audited track records producing excellent returns for their investors.

Describe your Platform.

The CityVest Platform at is already up and running and operational. The operations team at takes care of all the heavy lifting of searching through hundreds of institutional real estate investment funds, conducting due diligence on the background of the investment teams, analyzing the investment strategy of the fund and structuring the investment into the fund. There is no way for individual investors to invest relatively small amount of money in an institutional quality real estate funds as most require $1 million minimum investments.

How is CityVest accountability and transparency?

On a monthly basis, the CityVest website will provide an investor report regarding major investments that it has made or sold and distributions and capital gains that it has received. This reporting of its assets will provide total transparency and accountability to the value of CityVest. Each of our investments will be reviewed in detail.

Describe the management experience of CityVest.

Unlike many other token platforms that are unproven and do not even have an existing business, the Platform is already operational. CityVest will hit the ground running on day one and will immediate invest in the best real estate investment opportunities. Our team has extensive experience operating and building similar businesses and we held senior positions at similar businesses managing and investing money. CityVest is lead by Alan Donenfeld who has over 35 years experience investing, financing and acquiring a range of assets. He has completed several billion dollars’ worth of private equity, real estate, M&A and other investments throughout his career. He has a full range of investment and financial experience working at the Massachusetts Division of Securities, the international bank Schroders, investment banking firms Cowen, EF Hutton, Lehman Bros doing private equity and merger and acquisitions, founded and ran a hedge fund named Paragon Capital, and started and operated a FINRA/SEC broker dealer firm named Bristol Investment Group. The Platform has an Investment Advisory Committee with over 10 seasoned real estate investment professionals with over 200 years of combined experience. The Investment Advisory Members including individuals who have worked at Colony Capital, Boston Properties, Bovis Lend Lease, Pine River and Cerberus.

Have you already acquired any real estate related assets? will hold a substantial equity ownership in, an online real estate investment marketplace. intends to make a majority of its real estate investments through the platform. also owns part of

What is your target return?

As receives distributions and capital gains from its investments it intends to utilize a portion of those proceeds, from time to time, to buy in its own tokens.

Will you accept crypto for the pre-sale?

No, we will only accept fiat currencies during the pre-sale. will use a portion of funds raised during the pre-sale to develop the infrastructure required to safely and securely manage cryptocurrency for the public sale, including investments in for it to improve its capabilities.

When will the public token sale be? anticipates holding a pre-sale in the third quarter of 2018 and the public token sale in the fourth quarter of 2018. will announce a specific date soon.

Who is eligible to buy tokens?

Everyone who buys tokens must be verified as an accredited investor by our service provider.

If I buy CityVest tokens in the ICO, will the value of my CityVest coin be diluted if more are sold?

The value proposition of CityVest is different than most tokens. It is critically important to remember that, because the Cityvest Platform is operational we do not have to spend the net proceeds of this token offering to build blockchain technology, we can devote your capital to acquiring real estate assets. If we do a subsequent token sale, that will not dilute your value, it will increase the underlying asset value of ALL Cityvest Coins. Any Cityvest Coins that are not sold will have NO rights to profits and NO economic value. Of course, there are no guarantees or assurances when it comes to investing but we believe that future issuances shouldn’t be dilutive to existing coin holders. Additionally, as our real estate investments make distributions to us and we receive capital gains from our investments, the net asset value of our portfolio should increase over time. If our token price falls, we may from time to time, acquire tokens, thereby increasing the value per token which should cause the token price to increase. We expect to have a stable and rising token value.

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